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We welcome you to Camp High Point...

Camp High Point, in West Shokan, New York, was established in 1923 by the Levy and Greenberg families. The Sonnenreichs, who began their association with the camp in 1931, owned and operated it from 1945 until 1970, its final season.

Located at the foot of Mt. High Point, on the shores of the Ashokan Reservoir, Camp High Point was a 150-acre co-educational camp. It consisted of two separate campuses and a central area for administration, dining, medical, and social facilities. It also featured a large (325 ft. x 110 ft.) natural mountain-fed swimming pool. The camp colors were green and white.

Camp High Point also was a very personal camp. The relationship between the children and the staff was always an intimate one, and the Sonnenreichs constantly strove to win and maintain the respect and love of all those who attended the camp. Campers returned year after year, and many went on to become bunk counselors and division leaders. Attending camp also resulted in many "High Point marriages".

Although almost 50 years have passed since it ceased operation, Camp High Point remains indelible in our hearts and minds. This Web site is a place where long-lost friends can reunite and share fond memories of happy summers.

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